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I was born in Seattle and raised in the northwest and southwest. I currently call Las Vegas my Home where I live with my husband, two girls and my shiba inu. I started coloring when I was three and never stopped. I have an extreme passion for the arts. My first commissioned piece was at age 11, and from that moment I knew this was my path for the rest of my life.

I am heavily inspired by nature! Living in the northwest I love the greenery, the ocean, the mountains, the moodiness, the colors and sometimes lack there of.  From Arizona and Nevada I draw from the blue sky, the rich colors of the desert, the beautiful cactus and the gorgeous sunsets. This truly explains my arts emotive qualities. Sometimes a monochromatic gray or a black and white is what I am craving, whilst other times I am obsessed with color. I also enjoy combining the masculine and feminine together to make something thought provoking and whimsical.


Flowers are my favorite! I think they are magical! I love how happy, moody, intricate, resilient and feminine they are. I love the feeling you get when you look at them. I love how they are each so unique in themselves. I just want to paint the world with flowers!

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